Asphalt Sealcoat Asphalt Sealer

An Eco-Friendly Sealcoat That Performs

BioSealcoat® asphalt sealer provides premium pavement protection in an eco-friendly product. This low odor, soy-based sealcoat stays black longer than conventional asphalt sealers while providing exceptional chemical resistance to gasoline, motor oil, and other vehicle fluids. It also offers considerable operational efficiency and labor savings advantages since its rapid cure time allows for same day traffic. Available in both ready-to-use and concentrated form, BioSealcoat is perfect for parking lots, driveways, trails, and more.

Does BioSealcoat® Work As Well As Conventional Sealcoats?

Yes. When evaluating an asphalt sealer, a handful of properties are considered including chemical resistance, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, and adhesion to asphalt.

Chemical Resistance: An asphalt sealer must be resistant to gasoline, motor oil, and other fluids that leak from vehicles. Unfortunately, these fluids tend to eat right through traditional sealcoats due to their like chemistry. When this happens, your parking lot or driveway’s asphalt substrate is exposed to water, weathering, UV damage, and other hazards. However, BioSealcoat is specifically formulated to provide superior resistance to these chemicals. Its chemical composition causes gasoline and oil to merely pool up on the surface, protecting the substrate from damage and exposure to the elements.

UV Resistance: Sealcoats must be resistant to ultraviolet radiation in order to maintain a uniform, jet black finish and avoid oxidation. Traditional asphalt sealers tend to turn from black to gray in mere months. This is partially due to the fact that many sealers are not formulated to remain black. BioSealcoat, on the other hand, uses UV stable colorants to maintain a uniform jet-black finish for as long as it’s on your parking lot or driveway.

Abrasion Resistance and Adhesion: A sealer that is easily ripped off the asphalt substrate doesn’t do any good. Power steering from vehicles turning in and out of parking spaces puts a lot of stress on sealcoats, which is why you can see tire marks all over busy parking lots mimicking traffic patterns. BioSealcoat stands up to traffic and provides better adhesion than traditional products.

How Does Applying BioSealcoat® Compare To Conventional Asphalt Sealers?

BioSealcoat is designed to be the most efficient, operator friendly asphalt sealer on the market.

Dry and Cure Time: From an efficiency standpoint, BioSealcoat is arguably the best asphalt sealcoat on the market. Since it provides exceptional performance at a fraction of the film thickness of regular sealers, it dries exponentially quicker. Under normal conditions, sealcoaters can seal a lot, stripe it (with no sealer bleeding through the stripes) and open the lot to traffic the same day. Its curing mechanism allows contractors to lengthen their sealcoating season further into the Fall and start up earlier in the Spring.

No Heat Needed: Most sealcoats need to be heated up prior to application. BioSealcoat, however, can be applied at ‘room temperature.’ This saves energy, cuts prep time, and best of all, saves applicators from being burned when the product comes into contact with skin.

Equipment: BioSealcoat can be applied with conventional sealcoating equipment or airless spray systems. Also compatible for hand application via squeegee or brush.

What Are The Environmental Benefits Of An Eco-Friendly Asphalt Sealer?

The sealcoating industry has come under fire recently for its environmental impact. BioSealcoat was formulated with this in mind and its environmental benefits are threefold.

PAH Free Sealcoat: While traditional sealcoats contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), a known human carcinogen, BioSealcoat has no PAHs based on EPA 8270 testing. Many communities across the U.S. have banned coal tar sealers due to their exceptionally high PAH content.

Low Odor: Any sealcoater has heard complaints from his customers about the harsh odor some sealers emit in the days or even weeks after application. BioSealcoat is extremely low odor during application, and its scent is virtually non-existent within 30-45 minutes.

Renewable Materials: BioSealcoat is the only USDA Certified Biobased sealcoat on the market. It earned this distinction by being the only asphalt sealer containing a sufficient percentage of biobased material, largely through its use of soybean oil in its formulation. Including this renewable material also allows for some of the sealer’s exceptional performance characteristics.

Whether you’re looking for a superior sealcoat for your parking lot or driveway, or hoping to maintain your paved surfaces while minimizing environmental impact, BioSealcoat is your solution.