To create your finished product lines, manufacturing products through the development process represents a large portion of investment for most companies. Choosing the right coating for that product often serves as a wise business decision and you can support that effort by working with a custom industrial coating formulator. Working with a custom formulator drives your company’s overall growth goals in a positive direction, increasing profit margins over time. Your process may work with standard industrial coating solutions, but have you ever analyzed the benefits custom formulations provide?

Tailored Formulas

1. Tailored Formulas

Compared to a standard coating, custom formulations benefit your company’s operational health. It is possible to provide different formulations tailored to meet specific product needs of each production process. An objective might be to lower energy consumption, which in turn increases output. Another objective served by tailored products may be to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of rework or scrap.

Lastly, tailored formulas allows adjustment to the coating to meet environmental regulations. Rather than finding a standard industrial coating that works “well enough,” custom formulations provide coatings that work as desired for each situation.

2. A Proactive Approach

With a proactive approach, product performance is exceeded, especially in the eyes of the customer. For example, using custom coatings and thinking outside of the box, you are directed toward thinking like a competitor may be thinking. A proactive approach allows you a larger pool of opportunity and greater success rates. Allowing your customers to experience innovation through coated products puts them feeling as if they are more in charge of the process taking place. This feeling the customer develops leads to satisfaction with their choice of vendor. Through controlled specifications, your prospects transform into returning customers and they start to see increases in their level of performance within their job roles. Finally, your coatings line operators and quality assurance technicians will be appreciated by their supervisors and managers.

New Doors Open

3. New Doors Open

With custom formulations, companies often see the opportunity to develop new product offerings to similar, though unrelated, industries. In turn, companies using custom coating solutions see greater margins and higher return on investment rates, ultimately leading to increased revenues. If you have ever worried about the amount of business in your sales pipeline, the flexibility provided by precisely tailored coatings allows a simple opportunity to grow.

A Solution to Current Roadblocks

4. A Solution to Current Roadblocks

With custom formulations for your manufacturing processes, coatings serve as a solution to roadblocks or unresolved situations. After implementing tailored solutions, plan to: improve product durability, avoid surface imperfections, and improve the uniformity of the finished materials and products. In these days of ever tighter product specifications, custom coatings will reduce the inconveniences of standard industrial coatings.

Take some time to think about your current coating process. Would tailored formulas, provided by proactive, expert formulators, open new opportunities or create process improvement solutions? If so, custom formulations may be the very solution you have been looking for!

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