Vendor 1Vendor 2Vendor 3
1. Does this vendor specialize in liquid or powder coating or both?
2. What are their manufacturing capabilities? Examples include: liquid coatings, sealants, equipment used, ability to formulate around my facility needs.
3. What are their core technologies?
4. How long have they been in business? Do they have a proven track record?
5. Are they a member of trade and business associations that specialize in the industry?
6. Do they have a Coatings Care Certification?
7. Does the vendor have a speedy response time when you need something?
8. Does the vendor have established lead times?
9. Does the vendor have logistics partners?
10. Is the vendor’s overall turnaround timely?
11. Do they meet mutually agreed upon deadlines?
12. Do their capabilities meet local, state, federal, and global established regulations?
13. Does the vendor stay current with the industry to predict pending regulations and constraints?
14. Does the vendor provide alternative technologies, products and services to keep in compliance?
15. Is their plant focused on using the latest technologies for efficient and effective solutions?
16. Do they update their customers’ formulations as new technologies become available?
17. Can you reach their team on a direct phone line or do you reach an automated phone system?
18. Do they offer for a chemist to come to your facility to review process and take ideas for change back to the lab?
19. Does the vendor’s technical service team visit to ensure quality and satisfaction?
20. Does the vendor have policies or procedures to gather any and all relevant information to make the most complete recommendation or offer the best solution?