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Packaging lines are continuously optimized for production efficiency, which is why we’ve developed StaySeal. This multifunctional, clear adhesive is perfect for manufacturers who use blister packaging (for products such as batteries, pens, glue, medicines, cosmetics, etc.) and need a highly effective adhesive that helps simplify production. Our blister coating acts as a functional adhesive for sealing clear blister packs to printed cardstock. Stayseal can also be applied to seal polymeric films to blank cardstock.

Delivering Superior Adhesion That Enhances Production

StaySeal was carefully formulated to address the major issues associated with other blister coatings:

  • Cardstock can be stacked almost immediately after coating, as soon as cards are cool enough to handle
  • Excellent adhesion to common blister pack materials, including PVC, PET, styrene, and recycled PET (RPET); adheres deeper into cardstock than competitive materials
  • Minimum film thickness allowing for optimal efficiency; dry film weight of 0.65 pounds per 1,000 square feet represents a 30% material savings over competitive materials
  • Resistance to blocking prevents stacked blister cards from sticking to each other
  • Looking to optimize efficiency and eliminate common issues on your blister packaging line? Aexcel is ready to formulate a version of our Stayseal™ blister coating just for you. Contact us today at 440-974-3800 or fill out an online form and one of our technical representatives will be in touch within the next one to two business days.