Specialty Industrial Coatings

Aexcel’s line of high-performance, customizable specialty coatings and adhesives features unique products aimed at addressing the needs of today’s customer and manufacturing industry.

  • Soft Feel: Our chemists formulate high-performance, soft-feel coatings that make a variety of substrates—including metals, plastics, and aluminum—feel like anything from rubber to velvet to leather and just about anything in between.
  • Antimicrobial: We’re able to accommodate antimicrobial additives into most of our industrial coatings formulations.
  • Adhesives: Our highly efficient line of high-performance, quick-cure adhesives can help optimize your packaging line.
  • Wet Look: Our proprietary wet look coatings enhance the aesthetics and durability of most masonry surfaces.

If you’re looking for a coating with these properties, or any other nontraditional attribute, our formulators are ready to work with you to develop an innovative coating for your products and customers.

Your material. Your process. Your end-use application. We use all three factors, plus our expertise, to create the perfect high-performance custom coating.

Substrates: Aluminum, steel, treated steel, galvanized steel, primed surfaces, bronze, wood, concrete, asphalt, plastics, and paperboard

Chemistries: 1k and 2k urethane, 1k and 2k polyurethane, alkyd, epoxy, vinyl, and acrylic

Properties: Color, gloss, durability, flexibility, color retention, formability, and VOC/environmental considerations