Industrial Coating Epoxy Primer

Aexcel’s high-performance epoxy primers promote adhesion over the most difficult substrates, while also providing enhanced chemical, temperature, and impact resistance for coated products. These products also perform well in two-component systems when paired with acrylic, urethane, polyurethane, or other topcoats. Our epoxy primers have been used on a wide variety of applications, including heavy automotive fuel tanks, metal containers, and warehousing racks.

Is your existing primer not performing up to your desired specifications or causing issues on your manufacturing line? Our experienced laboratory is ready to formulate an industrial-grade epoxy primer for your products. Feel free to contact us at 440-974-3800 or fill out an online form and one of our technical representatives will be in touch within the next one to two business days.

High Solids Epoxy OEM Primer Product Data Sheet