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When you have a coatings challenge, you can count on Aexcel’s industrial coatings division to solve it. For over 50 years, we’ve prided ourselves on matching the perfect industrial coating to our customers’ desired product specifications, environmental requirements, and end-use applications.

But formulating and manufacturing your industrial coating is merely the beginning of what we provide. When partnering with Aexcel for your coatings needs, you can also expect attentive service, expert technical support, and on-time delivery.

We've brought over 500 custom industrial coatings formulations to market for a diverse array of industries, and we’ll leverage our experience to formulate the ideal industrial coating for your products. Whether you’re  searching for a primer, topcoat, or two-component system, Aexcel looks forward to understanding your company’s needs and formulating the optimal coating for addressing them.

Your material. Your process. Your end-use application. We use all three factors, plus our expertise, to create the perfect high-performance custom industrial coating.

Substrates: Aluminum, steel, treated steel, galvanized steel, primed surfaces, bronze, wood, concrete, asphalt, plastics, and paperboard

Chemistries: 1k and 2k urethane, 1k and 2k polyurethane, alkyd, epoxy, vinyl, and acrylic

Properties: Color, gloss, durability, flexibility, color retention, formability, and VOC/environmental considerations