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Will Sustainable Parking Lot Paint Hold Up? | Aexcel

June 15, 2017

At Aexcel, we understand the types of questions commonly associated with sustainable or environmentally friendly products. Consumers are understandably apprehensive that an eco-friendly product might not perform as well as the traditional alternatives. Traffic paint is no different. Customers often ask us whether our sustainable parking lot paint will hold up as well as traditional traffic and zone marking paints. While BioStripe was rated a 10/10 for durability on the Florida traffic paint test deck, we wanted to see how it would last in a harsher climate.

So, we put our product to the test on a busy campus parking lot at Ohio State University, where it was subjected to heavy traffic, salt, snowplows, freeze/thaw, and everything else that comes with an Ohio winter. Ohio State, like many universities, has an ongoing sustainability initiative and are exploring our BioStripe sustainable traffic paint to bring their eco-friendly program into their parking lots. However, in order to be a viable alternative, the paint would need to perform as well or better than the competition. We think the results a year later speak for themselves!



Ohio State’s engineering consulting group found the BioStripe sustainable traffic paint lines were bright, clean and would certainly not need to be restriped before the next winter.

Does your city or organization have an eco-friendly initiative? Consider using BioStripe sustainable parking lot paint to bring sustainability to your striping!

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