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Sustainability in Maintenance

Sustainability In Maintenance: What To Consider I Aexcel

Sustainability in Maintenance: What to Consider I Aexcel

The impact of the sustainability advantages derived from building with recycled materials and installing energy-reducing systems are lost when the facility is maintained with ecologically damaging processes and chemicals. Sustainability in a LEED-certified, or any facility, is an ongoing process and maintenance plans should be devised to retain this discipline in such a high-performance building.

7 Ways To Reduce Your Operating Budget | Aexcel

7 Ways to Reduce Your Operating Budget | Aexcel

Facilities managers faced with shrinking operating budgets can look to innovative capital improvement options to minimize their heating, lighting, and water usage costs over time. While some more drastic projects such as solar power installations, state-of-the-art windows and insulation, and maximum efficiency HVAC systems are more suitable for new construction projects, there are also low-cost…

10 Considerations For Sustainable Maintenance Operations | Aexcel

10 Considerations for Sustainable Maintenance Operations | Aexcel

Facilities and maintenance managers are faced with finding ways to do more with less. Cost reduction is a never-ending goal. In addition to these fundamentals objectives, many are challenged to adopt sustainable practices like reducing water usage, creating an efficient energy plan, eliminating harmful chemicals, reducing waste and developing practical recycling programs.

3 Major Sustainability Challenges I Aexcel

3 Major Sustainability Challenges I Aexcel

“Going Green” requires a resolute mindset and strong commitment. Facilities managers around the country are employing creative options to conserve energy, enhance water management and employ products made from recycled material and are themselves recyclable. Each measure contributes to a cleaner, more sustainable environment while reducing the total cost of operations.

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