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Industrial Coatings

Aexcel Goes Above & Beyond For Customers

Aexcel Goes Above & Beyond for Customers

In a private label or toll manufacturing relationship, the true value is about more than price. A partner that goes above and beyond—providing quality products, on-time delivery, immediate customer service, technical expertise, etc.—is worth much more than one who does the bare minimum. Below, we highlight just how committed Aexcel Corp. is to satisfying the…

MMA Vs. Thermoplastics For Pavement Marking

MMA vs. Thermoplastics for Pavement Marking

Highly trafficked highways, roads, intersections, dedicated bike lanes and paths require durable lines to guide the flow of traffic, which cannot be achieved with traditional waterbased paint. Due to the high cost of maintenance, state and local agencies have looked for other options. Methyl methacrylate (MMA) and thermoplastics have both become popular for painting lines…

A Brief Guide To Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint

A Brief Guide to Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint

Traffic markings—the yellow and white lines on roadways, parking lots, and other similar areas—are critical to keeping motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians safe. Today, these markings are typically made from paint, which, after undergoing numerous modernizations and improvements, offers high visibility and durability. Both of these qualities are essential to an effective roadway safety improvement material. …

Benefits of Custom Coating Formulations

In the manufacturing industry, creating and delivering a new product necessitates considerable strategizing when it comes to shape, size, weight, materials, manufacturing processes, and aesthetics. As the global manufacturing supply chain gets increasingly competitive, planning out every small component of the overall product design is crucial for those that want to stay lean and competitive.

Coatings Failure Analysis: Causes and Process Improvements

After investing significant capital into facilities and/or equipment, most business owners commit themselves to preserving their investments. Applying the right protective coating can have a considerable effect on the longevity of the facilities and equipment. However, choosing the right coating requires a critical analysis of the challenges and hazards presented by the substrate’s end use…

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