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Green Building

6 Eco-Friendly College Campuses I Aexcel

6 Eco-Friendly College Campuses I Aexcel

Many of the breakthroughs in sustainability have originated on college campuses. As a microcosm of the larger community, students and faculty have initiated programs, conducted experiments and set high objectives for improving water, energy and soil conservation while instituting aggressive recycling and composting programs. Private companies have funded many of these scholarly initiatives to gather…

3 Green Building Examples In The U.S. I Aexcel

3 Green Building Examples in the U.S. I Aexcel

As companies and architects embrace the long-term benefits of sustainable construction and developing technology, more energy efficient buildings are being constructed to diminish the carbon footprint and significantly reduce energy and water consumption. The US Green Building Council is issuing a growing number of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications, a sign that…

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