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The Many Uses of MMA Traffic Markings

June 21, 2023

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is a commonly used durable two-component polymer traffic marking system. MMA has extensive advantages over alternatives. MMA endures the fiercest weather conditions and extended heavy wear patterns, making it perfect for high performance road-marking needs.

Due to its many benefits, MMA is the preferred high-durability road-marking system for roads, parking lots, bike paths, and high-traffic areas, where safety can’t be compromised. The higher initial costs of MMA are quickly balanced by lower long-term maintenance needs and reduced re-application.

MMA Paint for Street and Highway Lanes

Under the heaviest road conditions, MMA has a much longer life cycle than thermoplastic and other single-component products. Properly maintained MMA markings can last up to 10 years.

MMA is ideal for lane striping, auxiliary markings at busy intersections, as well as directional markings in parking ramps and parking surfaces.

MMA plus catalyst formulations are available in three mix ratios: 1:1, 4:1, and 98:2.

Wherever road safety, longevity, and visibility are a priority, MMA is the most effective, longest-lasting marking system.


MMA is also frequently used for crosswalks, due to its durability, high traction, and color stability. Enhanced color contrast results in greater driver awareness and reduced pedestrian-vehicle accidents.

Compared to the other options, MMA allows municipalities to reduce long-term maintenance. Its high sheen enhances aesthetics, making it a preferred marking solution for cities, schools, and college campuses alike, even where traffic rates are lower.

Overall, MMA carries numerous advantages over other marking products, including:

  • Forms an incredibly strong bond with asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • Easy application.
  • Excellent color retention and customization options.
  • Fast cure times under a wide range of temperatures (from 40° to 100° F).
  • Reduced product life-cycle costs; no installation costs in following years.
  • Safety from reduced exposure of application crews to traffic.
  • Durable, skid-resistant surface textures.
  • A wide variety of aggregate types, sizes, and colors.

Bike Paths

While thermoplastic is often used for bike lane symbols and shared lane markings, it’s less favored due to its excessive maintenance needs. Deciding between thermoplastic or MMA for bike paths requires consideration of numerous factors: weather, geography, and traffic volume. Ease of installation is another important factor, especially in areas with less predictable weather patterns or high amounts of rain, wind, and snow.

If applied according to manufacturer specifications, MMA can last from five to eight years, and even up to a decade with diligent maintenance. Fast cure times make MMA easy to apply, and it’s more suitable than epoxy-based paints for spot treatments. MMA’s retro-reflective properties and high skid resistance make it useful for bike-route markings, where it’s important to ensure the paint doesn’t reduce traction, especially when wet.

Why Choose Aexcel for Your MMA Traffic Marking Needs

Aexcel Corporation specializes in advanced MMA formulas and applications. For well over a half-century, our talented chemists and product specialists have been advancing the technologies behind MMA paint, creating more versatile, effective, and long-lasting road-surface marking solutions.

With our flexible manufacturing processes and filling capacities, we provide customers with the highest quality products and fast turnarounds, even on custom orders. Aexcel’s MMA experts provide support because we want our clients to achieve maximum success on their road and surface marking projects.

For any questions or to request a quote, contact us, and tell an experienced Aexcel representative about your pavement- and asphalt-marking needs.

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