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Sustainability within Organizations

5 LEED-Certified Healthcare Facilities | Aexcel

5 LEED-Certified Healthcare Facilities | Aexcel

More hospitals each year are embracing sustainable design by achieving the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certification while constructing or retrofitting their facilities. The LEED program is administered by US Green Building Council using a strict set of criteria. As of 2013, only three hospitals had achieved Platinum LEED status, the pinnacle of…

Fostering A Sustainable Future For Your Career And Community | Aexcel

Fostering a Sustainable Future for Your Career and Community | Aexcel

Sustainability has evolved from an interesting buzz-word in the halls of industry and academia into a comprehensive strategy shaping institutional initiatives and producing innovative, active solutions to some of society’s most perplexing issues. One pillar of sustainability initiatives is minimizing the negative effects of chemical and energy misuse. Renewable and sustainable energy sources, elimination of…

Does Your Organization Have a “Sustainability Czar”? | Aexcel

Sustainability Needs a Leader Over the past decade, nearly every major company has made a clear commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Some are driven by consumer perception and economic benefit while other initiatives stem from a sincere, management-driven desire to preserve the environment for future generations. Sustainability is now included in most Mission Statements.

Creating A Culture Of Sustainability: Developing Group Commitment | Aexcel

Creating a Culture of Sustainability: Developing Group Commitment | Aexcel

Once top management makes organizational stability a priority and designates an empowered leader to direct the project, creating universal commitment is next. This encourages all stakeholders to elevate sustainability to a level on par with all other objectives like profit, quality and operational excellence. Integrating the mindset of sustainability into every individual aims at creating…

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