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Video: Why We Created BioStripe® & BioSealcoat®

May 30, 2017

Let’s face it: the sustainability movement is here to stay. Over the past few decades, we’ve seen sustainable alternatives to traditional products emerge across nearly every industry, from transportation to cleaning products, and just about everything in between. At Aexcel, we have always prided ourselves in being at the forefront of innovation in the traffic and zone marking paint industry. After surveying the landscape, we noticed our industry was left without a truly sustainable alternative, and decided to do something about it. Enter BioStripe®, our high quality, eco-friendly paint made from natural soybean oil.

Why We Created BioStripe®

Shortly after developing BioStripe®, we received inquiries from our customers wondering if we could formulate a sustainable sealcoat utilizing soybean oil. The sealcoating industry was facing major pushback and regulations regarding polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emissions from coal tar based sealers. While numerous states and municipalities have banned coal tar, these markets were left without a viable alternative that provided durability while maintaining a jet-black finish over the pavement since asphalt based sealers tend to fade to gray after less than a year. Our chemists got to work developing a sustainable sealcoat that met the market’s need for a jet-black color that would not fade out months after application. A short while later, we introduced BioSealcoat™ to the market, a sustainable sealcoat offering premium chemical and wear resistance to protect asphalt while maintaining its jet-black finish longer than traditional alternatives.

BioStripe® and BioSealcoat™ have been well-received by contractors and end-users alike. Customers enjoy the fact that they:

  1. Are easy to work with
  2. Have low odor
  3. Function well with traditional waterborne spray equipment.

BioStripe® received a 10/10 Durability Rating on the Florida Traffic Paint Test Deck and is specified in VOC restrictive areas nationwide. On-site testing at a major big box store revealed that BioStripe® stays cleaner and brighter longer than competitors’ waterborne latex traffic paints. Our sustainable products are being used at national parks, military installations, and other sustainability minded organizations nationwide to protect and beautify parking lots, trails, and other paved surfaces.

Are you ready to try our eco-friendly paint and/or sealcoat?

Eco-Friendly Traffic Paint

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