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Aexcel Goes Above & Beyond for Customers

June 8, 2021

In a private label or toll manufacturing relationship, the true value is about more than price. A partner that goes above and beyond—providing quality products, on-time delivery, immediate customer service, technical expertise, etc.—is worth much more than one who does the bare minimum. Below, we highlight just how committed Aexcel Corp. is to satisfying the custom coating and paint needs of customers.


The Opportunity: Storing & Delivering Materials to Multiple Locations

Through a partner distributor, the Aexcel Corp. team received a large purchase order (PO) from a military base in Austin, TX. The order requested custom coatings and paints be delivered to multiple locations within a short amount of time. However, the facility had restrictions in place that prevented multiple shipments from a single PO. This meant that the team would have to
receive a new PO for each release.

These order requirements and restrictions presented our team with several challenges:

  • The large volume of materials requested
  • The short delivery timeline given
  • The multiple delivery locations
  • Coordinating the transactions through the Distributor

That meant we needed to work closely with the customer and the distributor to ensure all of the necessary materials were delivered to the right locations at the expected time. By maintaining open communication between our production and scheduling teams and the distributor’s sales and logistical representatives, we ensured everyone would be aware of the plan of action.


The Solution: Creating an Inventory Hold Program & Transportation Plan

Given the number of challenges, our team faced with this customer request, creating a plan of action was a multi-step process.

  1. Proposing an inventory hold program. Since the customer’s request involved multiple locations, we first mentioned that we could run an inventory hold program for them until the request was fulfilled. However, they needed to keep in mind transit time to Texas when releasing the material.
  2. Establishing a transportation method. Due to the weight of the order, we could not find a truck that met the lift gate requirements. However, after consulting with the customer, arrangements were made for a forklift to be available to aid in the delivery of the materials.
  3. Verifying order quantities. Once the inventory hold program and transportation method were set, we needed to wait for the POs from our distributor. However, upon receiving them, a discrepancy in the quantity requested was discovered. We quickly contacted the end customer to verify the materials needed for each location so we could revise the POs between the customer and the distributor and then the distributor
    and Aexcel. If we hadn’t, we risked a return of material and payment issues.

The Result: Delivering the Materials Smoothly and in a Timely Manner

The customer received the materials they needed, where they needed it and when they needed it. The key to the success of the project was our team’s attention to detail and commitment to communicating with both the distributor and the customer. We went above and beyond to ensure everyone involved—from our internal production and scheduling teams to the customer’s logistical and sales teams—remained updated on the state of the job throughout the planning and execution stages. Keeping everyone informed ensured everything was in place for on-time delivery of the materials.



Contact Aexcel for Custom Industrial Paint and Coating Solutions

Looking for a partner you can trust to meet your custom coating and paint needs? The experts at Aexcel Corp. have got you covered!

At Aexcel Corp, we supply custom coatings and paints for a wide range of industries and applications. We offer custom formulation, toll manufacturing, and private label manufacturing services, which, combined with our extensive experience and state-of-the-art production equipment, enable us to provide appropriate solutions for various customer needs. To learn more about our paint and coating offerings and how they can benefit you, contact us.



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