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Toll Manufacturing

Aexcel is ready to manufacture and package your paint and coatings formulas in our 70,000-square-foot facility. Our toll paint manufacturing partners turn to Aexcel for a variety of reasons. Manufacturing paint is a resource-intensive process, and many of our customers feel their resources are better spent on sales and development while Aexcel tackles the supply chain, regulatory, and logistical headaches that come along with paint production. We’ve manufactured thousands of batches of water-based and solvent-based coatings for our tolling partners under confidential contractual agreements. Our paint and coating capabilities include:

  • Freezer coatings
  • Roof coatings
  • Architectural coatings
  • Dip coatings
  • High-heat coatings
  • Fire-retardant coatings
  • Zinc coatings
  • Sound-deadening coatings
  • Solvent coatings
  • Solvent based Stains
  • Water based Stains
  • Solvent Paint
  • Alkyd Paint
  • Latex Paint

Count on Aexcel to produce your paint, coatings, and stains while you focus on growing your business.


Aexcel's Tolling Capabilities

Aexcel offers numerous tolling capabilities, such as:

  • Batch Sizes: We supply a range of 25 to 8,000 gallons
  • Filling: Using semiautomatic or manual filling equipment, Aexcel fills by volume or by weight using These capacities include 1-gallon singles, 5-gallon plastic and steel pails, 30- and 55-gallon steel drums, 250- to 300-gallon IBC tanks, and bulk tank wagons
  • Solvent Handling: Our bulk solvent storage capacity is 54,000 gallons in our above-ground storage tanks, with 10,000 gallons being the largest individual tank size
  • Mill Sizes: Upright and horizontal mills feature sizes from 3 gallons to 40 liters
  • Color Matching: Expert color-matching staff and state-of-the-art equipment enable Aexcel to meet and match strict customer color specifications
  • Resin Storage: Bulk storage up to 125,000 gallons. Smaller quantities are handled in drums and totes
  • Lead Times: Generally, lead times are two weeks or less
  • Workforce: Experienced and dedicated staff; a significant portion of our staff has produced paint for over a decade, some for more than 30 years


Toll Manufacturing Is Working with a Toll Paint Producer More Expensive

What Is Toll Paint, Blending, and Manufacturing?

There are certain elements of toll paint, blending, and manufacturing that make them different from contract manufacturing.

Toll Paint

Industrial coating manufacturers frequently seek other companies to manufacture their products. These companies own the coating formulation's intellectual property, but without the resources or capacity to physically produce the product. As a result, these manufacturers may hire a tolling company for more assistance. Toll coating companies have the resources and expertise to provide consistent, timely results for their partners.

Without seeking the help of a tolling company, manufacturers may risk customers abandoning them for a more reliable competitor. Ultimately, selecting the right tolling partner requires a combination of the right equipment, technology, and chemical knowledge.


Toll Blending

In some cases, manufacturers may need to use another company's materials, expertise, and methodology for blending through outsourcing. Many modern chemicals require specialized equipment and resources that are too costly to procure and maintain in-house.

Also known as toll manufacturing or custom mixing, toll blending outsources the mixing, processing, packaging, and shipping, or any combination of these services to a third party that specializes in toll blending. For example, toll chemical manufacturing companies can take a blend of pigments provided by a manufacturer and disperse it into a liquid carrier to be distributed for use in an unrelated industry or application.

Toll blending also entails switching out concentrated raw materials or certain properties with other processes or materials based on customer specifications. If a product is intolerant of pure material, a specialized blend of materials could improve compatibility for better results.

A common reason why many companies choose to use toll blending services is to mitigate the production risks that come with handling complex chemical blends. Toll blending companies have the expertise and skill to safely work with harsh chemicals. Companies often rely on toll blending for a number of products, including additives and enhancements, concentrated or reduced materials, and cleaning materials.


Toll Manufacturing vs. Contract Manufacturing

Toll and contract manufacturing are similar types of supply chain management that people refer to interchangeably. Although each method has unique characteristics, they share the ability to help customers save money and time on developing their product lines. 

Through toll manufacturing, manufacturers supply the machinery, warehouse floor space, and workforce required to manufacture various products. The contracting company or principal is responsible for providing raw materials or partially finished products and the process details to the toll manufacturer. 

In contract manufacturing, the contractor is responsible for providing all of the raw materials and logistics along with the plant, labor, and equipment. As a result, contract manufacturers typically have more control over the cost, quality, and stock of raw materials. Contractors also manage risks related to sourcing raw materials and costs.


Why Work With a Toll Paint Manufacturer?

Manufacturers often experience certain problems that toll paint manufacturers can help resolve

For example, manufacturers may suddenly need to change their formula due to new regulations or laws, shortages and supply limits, or market demand. They may also need to cease internal production because of certain regulatory or environmental constraints. For new businesses, the main issue may involve the inability to produce a new formula, which is often due to a lack of certifications.

Other instances involve companies that don't have the expertise needed to develop formulas that their customers need, such as water-based solvents or flammable materials. 

Toll manufacturers offer multiple benefits to resolve these and other issues. These benefits include:

  • The ability to provide extra capacity to relieve space restrictions
  • Production expertise to produce a wide range of chemical products
  • Superior buying power to obtain raw materials that would otherwise be difficult to acquire


Aexcel Tolling Partner

Contact Our Experts for Your Toll Paint Needs

Choosing to use a toll manufacturer gives manufacturers more options and resources to create high-quality end products. The professionals at Aexcel have the expertise, equipment, and skill to bring your formulations to fruition. We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable results for every project.

For additional information about our capabilities and products, contact us today.