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LowVOK low voc acrylic acetone Traffic Paint

low VOC acetone acrylic copolymer traffic paint

At a Glance

  • Low VOC: <100 g/L
  • Fast dry time: 10 minutes at 77°F
  • Meets Federal Specification AA 2886
  • Ideal for parking lots, roads, and airports in VOC-regulated areas

Why LowVOK Low VOC Acrylic Acetone Traffic Paint?

If you’re looking to comply with stringent VOC (volatile organic compound) regulations without sacrificing performance, our low VOC acetone acrylic copolymer traffic paint is your solution. These paints perform well on all types of pavement and are available in all colors. When VOC compliance and quick dry time are of the utmost importance, turn to Aexcel Low VOK Acetone Acrylic traffic marking paint for your striping needs.

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