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Gorilla parking lot Paint: For Cleaner, Longer-Lasting Lines

Gorilla Parking Lot Paint Competitor Comparison

At a Glance

  • Colors: white, yellow, blue, red, and black
  • Quick dry time: 15 minutes at 77°F
  • VOC: <420 g/L
  • Coverage: 320 linear feet of 4" line applied at 15 mils
  • Required application temperature: >40°F
  • Recommended cleanup: Toluene
  • Superior durability—reduce how often you restripe
  • Excellent color retention—lines will not fade or chalk
  • Perfect parking lots, airports, stop bars, crosswalks, zone markings, and more

Why Original Gorilla High-Performance Parking Lot Paint?

Some areas receive too much wear and tear for conventional parking lot paints to handle. If you want the lines and markings in your parking lots, stop bars, crosswalks, airports, and high-traffic areas to stay cleaner and last longer, look no further than our Gorilla parking lot paint. Combining superior performance with a quick dry time and easy standard application, this solvent-borne acrylic parking lot paint produces long-lasting lines on all types of pavement.

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