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Industrial Coatings FAQs

Developing Traffic Paint And Custom Coating Formulations

With over 50 years of experience in the custom coatings business, we understand the most common customer concerns. If your question isn’t addressed below, feel free to contact us by filling out an online form, calling us at 1-800-854-0782, or emailing us at and one of our technical representatives will be in touch within the next one to two business days.

Does switching coatings mean I need new application equipment?

Not necessarily. A custom formulator should develop an understanding of your equipment and processes before even recommending a formula. Building on their knowledge of your processes, this recommended formula should be a “drop-in” product that fits seamlessly into your manufacturing processes without you needing to invest in new equipment.

How can I make my coating cure faster?

Achieving a quicker cure time improves efficiency and reduces work-in-process inventory. While there are many options for achieving a faster cure time, some of the more common options are:

  • Forcing more heat onto the existing coating
  • Decreasing humidity in the application environment
  • Applying the coating at a thinner film thickness
  • Adding drying additives to the existing formula
  • Reformulating with a faster-drying resin system

Why do coatings fail?

Coatings fail for a multitude of reasons, but those reasons can generally be broken down into three categories:

  • The coating is not formulated to handle its end-use environment
  • The coating is not well-suited for the manufacturing process in which it is applied
  • The surface is incompatible with the coating due to insufficient surface preparation prior to application or chemical incompatibilities between the coating and the substrate

To identify the reason behind a particular coating’s failure, consult an expert for a failure analysis.

Is working with a custom formulator more expensive?

Not always. While the sticker price on custom-formulated coatings is generally higher than the off-the-shelf substitute available on the market, a good custom formulator can optimize your coating to your manufacturing processes and end use, resulting in fewer failures, less rework and work-in-process inventory, and a more efficient coatings line. The resulting cost savings from working with a coating optimized for your specific use often outweigh the higher product price.

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