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Driveway Sealing 101: Steps and Tips | BioSEALSAFE

April 18, 2023

Driveways are usually exposed to vehicle fluids, UV rays, rain, and snow. A good seal coating protects your home driveway from abrasion, weather, and chemical damage and improves its appearance. While contractors often use BioSealcoat® asphalt sealers, here we will discuss an option best-suited for homeowners. This post will explain how to apply driveway sealer with a roller in four easy steps, as well as the best driveway sealer to use.

Steps for Seal Coating Your Home Driveway

Step 1: Measurement

To determine how much sealer you need, measure your driveway’s square footage. One bucket of sealer will cover 760 square feet with one coat or 380 square feet with two coats. If your driveway is more porous or rough, you will need two coats for maximum protection.

Step 2: Application

To apply the sealer, you will need a brush and a long-handled paint roller or squeegee. To save time and maximize coverage, we recommend using a long-handle paint roller that is 18” wide with a ⅜” nap roller.

Step 3: Cleaning

Before seal coating, use a brush, broom, or blower to remove any dirt, leaves, sand, or stones from the driveway surface. You also need to remove any standing water and planters.

Step 4: Sealcoating

Start by mixing the sealer and pouring small amounts directly onto the driveway. Starting furthest from the street, apply the coating with the paint roller, moving parallel to the house. Let the first coat dry before applying a second coat (if necessary). Apply the second coat perpendicular to the first coat. Only apply the sealer when the temperature is at least 50 °F.

BioSEALSAFE: A Safer Concrete Driveway Sealer for Your Family

Traditional asphalt driveway sealers have an unpleasant smell, turn gray quickly, and are usually made with harmful chemicals that degrade into microparticles. These particles contain hazardous polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that can eventually may be ingested by your family or pets. Microparticles can cling to skin and clothing, pets, and water runoff into your garden, food supply, and drinking water.

BioSEALSAFE is a PAH-free soy-based asphalt driveway sealer that applies easily and stays black longer. As a USDA Certified Biobased Product, it’s a safer option for your family and the environment.

Features and benefits of BioSEALSAFE driveway resurfacer include:

  • Easy to apply
  • Dries within 2 hours
  • Safer for your family, pets, and the environment
  • PAH-free, low-odor formula
  • Renewable soy-based product
  • Stays jet black longer
  • Made in the USA

Other Features & Benefits

One of the main drawbacks of traditional driveway sealing is that it can be quite messy. You need to apply a thick layer of sealant to your driveway to achieve the desired level of protection, and it releases a noxious smell that lingers for a long time. If it gets on your shoes while you’re applying it, it is difficult to clean.

Unlike conventional driveway sealers, BioSEALSAFE has the following benefits:

  • Cleans easily: BioSEALSAFE sealers are easy to clean with soap and water.
  • No odor: BioSEALSAFE sealers are made of a low-odor formula, which benefits your family and your neighbors.
  • No mess: BioSEALSAFE sealers don’t causes messes, and removing any residual sealant is easy.
  • UV-resistant: BioSEALSAFE sealers use UV-stable colorants to create a uniform jet-black finish. This means the sealant will not fade or change color over time.

Watch for Asphalt Driveway Seal Application Instructions


Contact Us for More Information on BioSEALSAFE Driveway Resurfacer

BioSEALSAFE Driveway Resurfacer by Aexcel is the best concrete sealer for driveways because it is an environmentally friendly, durable product that is safer to use around your family and pets. If you are looking for a driveway resurfacing solution, BioSEALSAFE Driveway Resurfacer is the perfect option. Visit the BioSEALSAFE website to learn more about how to apply asphalt driveway sealers. Contact Aexcel to learn more about our industrial coating and paint solutions.

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