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Eco-Friendly Paint for Tactical Urbanism & Asphalt Art for City Beautification

December 5, 2022

The Growing Street Art Trend

Street art or asphalt art is a growing trend in major cities worldwide that involves activating public spaces with inexpensive and effective art. Cities are integrating art through visual interventions on roadways, pedestrian spaces, and various types of vertical infrastructure.

Asphalt art can bring a community together and make a positive impact on local neighborhoods by promoting culture and improving driver and pedestrian safety. Through eye-catching designs, street art can enhance the function and visibility of sidewalks, barriers, and intersections, leading to improved driver habits, lower driving speeds, and a reduced risk of collision.

Aexcel can help cities and street artists sustainably bring their asphalt art to life. Our eco-friendly paint options include soy-based paint made from natural soybean oil instead of petroleum products.

Why Soybean Oil?

The Problem with Standard Outdoor and Traffic Paint
Standard outdoor paints purchased from local retailers are not designed to withstand heavy vehicle traffic and exposure to the elements. Aexcel’s traffic paints are made from soybean oil and are formulated to withstand heavy traffic and environmental exposure.

Local retailers may offer heavy-duty traffic paint, but only in white and yellow. It is also difficult to find traffic paint that can be used like regular outdoor paint. Custom colors can be hard to find, and they may require a specific application method rather than a simple roller or brush.

The Unique Soybean Oil Solution
Soy-based traffic paint from Aexcel provides a sustainable and high-performance solution for street art and tactical urbanism applications. With many unique benefits, such as a domestic supply chain, dependable production, and renewability, soy-based products promote sustainable growth for local economies.

Another primary benefit of soybean oil is its versatility. Compared to other natural oils, its molecular structure can be easily modified to meet the needs of various applications.

BioStripe®: The World’s First Soy-Based Traffic Paint Designed for Asphalt Art

BioStripe® by Aexcel is an innovative soy alkyd, latex paint developed for use as traffic paint. Made from natural soybean oil, BioStripe® is a high-performance product that can withstand harsh environments, making it a great option for murals and asphalt art. It also offers a great way for cities to boost their sustainability initiatives.

Traditional paints are use an acrylic emulsion binder. BioStripe® replaces this binder with soybean oil, offering benefits such as:

  • Reducing dependence on petroleum
  • Bolstering the demand for domestic soybeans
  • Protecting local water and the atmosphere from more harmful derivatives

Despite its alternative composition, BioStripe® offers the following high-performance features:

  • Works with all paved surfaces
  • No ammonia odor and low volatile organic compound (VOC) content
  • Excellent color retention and grime resistance
  • 7 standard color options, with custom colors available
  • High durability
  • Chemical-resistant

Aexcel’s BioStripe® paint was used to paint street art on Fifth Avenue and Lacey Street in Fairbanks, AK. The project was approved by the Fairbanks North Star Borough planning commission and was funded by a $25,000 Bloomberg Grant. The primary goals of this project were to improve the streets, increase travel, and widen sidewalks by occupying one lane of the roadway with artwork.

BioStripe® Paint Colors and Products

Aexcel BioStripe® products come in seven standard colors, including:

  • Black: 72A-A049 BioStripe Black Regular-Dry Waterborne Alkyd Latex Paint
  • Blue: 72L-A031 BioStripe Blue Regular-Dry Waterborne Alkyd Latex Paint
  • Red: 72R-A027 BioStripe Red Regular-Dry Waterborne Alkyd Latex Paint
  • White: 72W-A129 BioStripe White Regular-Dry Waterborne Alkyd Latex Paint
  • Yellow: 72Y-A107 BioStripe Yellow Regular-Dry Waterborne Alkyd Latex Paint
  • Green: 72G-A019 BioStripe Bike Path Green Waterborne Alkyd Latex Paint
  • Purple: 72R-A156 BioStripe Purple Regular-Dry Waterborne Alkyd Latex Paint

BioStripe® Applications and Uses

BioStripe® offers a range of uses and can be a part of sustainability initiatives for local municipalities and organizations. With this product, cities can re-envision community spaces such as bike paths, crosswalks, and sidewalks to encourage locals and tourists to visit areas of the city that see less frequent vehicle and foot traffic.

The paint can also create safer roadways and sidewalks for vehicles and pedestrians by reducing collisions and influencing safer decisions such as yielding to pedestrians and curbing unsafe street crossings. BioStripe® can be used anywhere that requires waterproof, high-performance, and durable paint.

Your Partner for Eco-Friendly, High-Performance Mural & Asphalt Art Paint

Aexcel has created more than 500 innovative products since 1963. We offer exceptional customer service and take a problem-solving approach to create valuable partnerships with our customers. Our BioStripe® paint took four years to develop and is made from sustainable and natural soybean oil to deliver an eco-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise on performance.

Contact us to learn more about our eco-friendly paints for sustainable asphalt art.

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