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Using Our Sustainable Asphalt Sealer For Your Driveway

March 10, 2022

BioSealcoat® is a safer way to rejuvenate and seal your driveway. It will retain a jet-black appearance longer and keep it strong. Even in rough weather conditions, our eco-friendly sealer has remained effective in maintaining driveways.


BioSealcoat® is resistant to:

  • Chemicals (gasoline, motor oil, radiator fluid)
  • UV
  • Abrasion
  • Adhesion

It has an excellent dry and cure time, no heat is needed, and is compatible with different types of sealcoating equipment. It is PAH (human carcinogens) free, has a very low odor, and is a USDA Certified Biobased (soy-based) sealcoat.

Equipment Needed:

  • BioSealcoat®
  • A long handle paint roller and brush or a long handle squeegee. For best coverage and saving time, we recommend using an 18″ wide, 3/8″ nap long handle paint roller.
  • Protective clothing and eyewear
  • Caution tape or signage to stop walking or driving on the drying driveway

Amount needed:

First, measure the square footage of your driveway. Then, determine the number of buckets you will need for one or two coats. Each bucket will give you up to 760 sq. ft. for one coat and 380 sq. ft. for two coats. If your driveway is relatively smooth with minor cracking, you may only need one coat. If your driveway is more rough or porous, two coats may be required for maximum protection.

The average four-car driveway is 900 sq. ft. This generally means:

  • 1 coat = 2 buckets
  • 2 coats = 2-3 buckets


Please Note: We recommend talking with a contractor in your area experienced in sealcoating if you have any questions or worries about doing it yourself. Also, do not mix or blend this product with any other driveway product. The ideal temperatures for applying and drying BioSealcoat® are 50°F and above. Do not dilute and keep from freezing.

  1. Clean the driveway surface before applying the coating. Loose dirt, leaves, sand, or stones must be removed. We recommend using a stiff¬ brush, long handle broom, and blower. Remove any planters or other debris. No ponding water; the surface must be dry. You want to make sure the sealcoat gets into the asphalt to get the best experience out of our eco-friendly sealer.
  2. Begin by mixing thoroughly and pouring small amounts directly on the surface. Start from the furthest point from the street, moving parallel to the house. Allow the first coat to dry If you are applying a second coat, wait for the first coat to dry.
  3. If you apply a second coat, do so perpendicular to the first coat.
  4. Wait for the sealer to dry completely before allowing anything on your driveway
    Drying Time: 2 hours to touch @ 77°F. 4 hours @ 77°F for light foot traffic and recoat. 24 hrs. for vehicle traffic. Dry time will vary based on temperature and humidity.

Sustainable Paint and Sealcoat For Your Needs

Aexcel is an industry-leading provider of tough, high-performance coatings and paints. We spent years researching and developing traffic paint and sealcoat made from a renewable resource:

Whether you’re a distributor looking to serve your marketplace better, a municipality hoping to reseal your roads and parking lots with less frequency, or a sealing contractor aiming to minimize paint failures and rework, Aexcel is ready to help you achieve your goals. Contact our team today about your next project.

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