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Junk in the Bucket

May 4, 2023

There’s an old line in the paint business: “We put the quality in. It’s up to you to get it out.”

New customers tell us they are used to opening traffic paint buckets and finding junk in the paint.

Either floating on top or clumped on the bottom of the bucket. Or bits and pieces to clog the tips and pumps!

Not traffic paint from Aexcel.

  • We put the quality in. This is one of our fundamental business standards.
  • We use the best available materials for your spec, price point, and end use.
  • We use clean equipment and strong filters.
  • We inspect 100%.

We work diligently to make certain that there is no junk in your bucket.

We don’t purchase down and dirty ingredients, and we stand behind our product.

Our mistakes do not leave the building.

Quality paint creates labor savings and speeds your job.

Customers know labor is usually the largest component of the job cost, exceeding the cost of the paint.

When it takes you time and energy to deal with an inferior product, the result is lost productivity. Lost $$$.

Aexcel will not deliver anything that you don’t want in your bucket.

Open the bucket and GO.

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