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Customized Coatings vs. Off the Shelf Coatings Part 2 | Aexcel

April 27, 2016

Custom Coatings
In part 1 of Customized Coatings vs. Off the Shelf Coatings we showcased the main differences of your two main coating options, including a comparison chart. In part two of this series, we discuss the different criteria that affect whether you should consider a customized coating or stick with an off the shelf solution.

Specialized Criteria

When specialized criteria arise, custom formulators go above and beyond to meet the needs of the user. Whether your customer brings you a specific challenge, or your own production and productivity requirements require a more flexible approach, your expert formulator is the one you turn to for assistance. Standard products can be inflexible at the time when you most need flexibility. Instead of searching for an off the shelf coating that comes close on most of the criteria, work with a custom coatings manufacturer to meet all of your criteria.

For example, suppose your customer requests improved resistance to certain cleaning agents. Your custom formulating partner will work with you to achieve desired film properties for that customer. Sometimes, your other customers will also realize the benefit of this work.

Performance Requirements

Custom coatings formulators can balance a formulation and allow specialty ingredients to be added to match the specific needs of the end user. For example, a custom formulator can improve: UV resistance and color strength, anti-microbial efficacy, durability in harsh environments, and added flexibility for certain uses of the coated material.

VOC Requirements

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are regulated federally, and sometimes, locally. Custom formulators are able to provide expertise to select the best combination of authorized materials to meet your application and performance needs. A common example in this category is the use of so-called “exempt” solvents; different regions and climates can favor different balances of solvents and resins. Have your formulator select the winning combination.


Every production operation is different. The coating line you have in place represents a major investment. By applying coatings that are tailored to your system, you realize tangible economic advantages; you avoid making costly changes to your operation. Custom formulations are often best developed to work in concert with your existing equipment line. Avoiding downstream capital expenses is a priority of the strong formulator.

Not only can choosing customized coatings over a standard, off the shelf product increase total output, but customized coatings help with cost reduction, productivity, and efficiency levels within manufacturing plants. The economic benefits will justify the effort.

Aexcel Coatings

Do you have any insight to add to the information above? Why would you consider using a custom coating vs. an off the shelf product? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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