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Create Parking Lot Convenience With Gorilla Paint

January 11, 2022


The Original Gorilla Paint is our toughest zone-marking paint. This durable acrylic copolymer paint lasts longer, retains color longer, and stays cleaner. Solvent-borne Gorilla paint dries quickly and provides much better durability than ordinary fast-dry paint. Gorilla performs well on all types of pavement, is easy to clean up, and is available in all colors.

A Better Parking Lot

We do not think of parking lots often. When we do, it is usually if parking is free and asking: “will my vehicle be safe?” Great parking lots are marked and have enough space for vehicles to navigate safely. Think about a parking lot with unclear or faded parking lines. Or, if you are an owner of a parking lot, think about a time when parking and zone lines disappeared fast. Visitors can be frustrated by parking in lots not marked with visible lines. This could also lead to visitors feeling unsafe.
When visitors arrive, their first experience is outside the building and the parking lot. This is what we have researched and seen from customers. The start of their experience will be great with Gorilla.


(This is Aexcel’s Gorilla Paint in #3 compared to various competitors’ solvent-based and waterborne products.)

The Stats of Gorilla

  • Colors: white, yellow, blue, red, and black
  • Quick-dry time: 15 minutes at 77°F
  • VOC: <420 g/L
  • Coverage: 320 linear feet of 4″ line applied at 15 mils
  • Required application temperature: >40°F
  • Recommended cleanup: Toluene
  • Superior durability—reduce how often you restripe
  • Excellent color retention—lines will not fade or chalk
  • Perfect parking lots, airports, stop bars, crosswalks, zone markings, and more



Parking and Zone Marking Paints For Your Needs

Aexcel is an industry-leading provider of tough, high-performance coatings and paints. We’ve built a diverse customer base that relies upon our wide variety of waterborne and solvent-based high-grade traffic paints for their most challenging applications.

Whether you’re a distributor looking to serve your marketplace better, a municipality hoping to restripe your roads and parking lots with less frequency, or a striping contractor aiming to minimize paint failures and rework, Aexcel is ready to help you achieve your goals. Contact our team today about America’s Toughest ® traffic and road marking products.

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