Distributor Spotlight: The Brewer Company Opens Location In Wickliffe

One of Aexcel’s longtime distributors in the Chicago area, The Brewer Company, is opening a storefront in Wickliffe, Ohio. They have the experience and knowledge of Aexcel’s entire traffic paint line of products. They will work with each customer to provide the right Aexcel product for their needs. We are proud to offer our products at Brewer’s Wickliffe location.

About The Brewer Company

The Brewer Company has been providing high quality coating and sealant products for over seventy-five years. Their decades of experience as a manufacturer and contractor of pavement maintenance and asphalt paving materials allows them to support their customers’ needs. They have expanded to multiple locations across the country to provide materials in multiple markets. The Brewer Company continues to satisfy customers with Quality, Service and Value.

Learn More

Shop The Brewer Company’s online store and contact them to learn more about getting our products and other offerings. Contact them now.

Learn more about our traffic paint and sealcoat products, private label services, and custom formulation services.

Posted on May 17, 2021 8:00:00 AM by Aexcel in News, in Traffic Paint, in Distributor


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