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Why We Feel Our Traffic Paints Are America’s Toughest

December 1, 2021



How did we come up with this Tagline?

If you talk about your business, the kinds of products you make, how you work with customers, how you
deal with issues, you start to uncover patterns. We were talking about our traffic paints in this way.


You can say you have the best tasting hamburgers. It’s a debatable point, but it clearly describes your business
objective. Not the fastest hamburgers, not the least expensive hamburgers, not the fanciest hamburgers. The
best tasting. That’s how we feel about our traffic paint. Our tagline describes our business objective. We formulate paints to perform better than spec. That’s our difference.

We want our products to apply easily, to last longer, to be tougher. Good value for the money. The savings will
accrue in the application and the lifetime of use.

When we say we’re the toughest, we mean you’re going to get a good product for what you paid.
And we are going to stand behind it.

Toughest For Your Needs

Aexcel is an industry-leading provider of high-performance coatings and paints. We’ve built a diverse customer base that relies upon our wide variety of waterborne and solvent-based high-grade traffic paints for their most challenging applications.

Whether you’re a traffic paint distributor looking to serve your marketplace better, a municipality hoping to restripe your roads and parking lots with less frequency, or a striping contractor aiming to minimize paint failures and rework, Aexcel is ready to help you achieve your goals. For more information about our traffic and road marking products or assistance choosing one for your needs, contact our team today.

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