Raymond Snyder

Raymond Snyder
Raymond Snyder is chemist at Aexcel Corporation, PPG, and AkzoNobel. His background includes 20+ years in the coatings industry. His skills include product development from conception through production with an emphasis on platforming product using current raw materials and formulations available in existing manufacturing sites.

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Coatings Testing Term of the Month: Weight per Gallon

Posted on Jun 22, 2016 6:30:00 AM by Raymond Snyder

What is Weight per Gallon?

Weight per gallon is a measurement of the density of a product or coating. It's important for batch-to-batch consistency and accuracy purposes. This measurement is part of the quality control process that ensures the final product has the correct amount of each material required in the coating formulation. Weight per gallon helps confirm customers consistently get the same, high-quality coatings and that those coatings perform as expected.

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The Main Differences Between Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Flat Coatings

Posted on Mar 29, 2016 11:38:29 AM by Raymond Snyder

Industrial Coatings Finishing Basics

Many different terms are used for the gloss level of an industrial coating. In the past, the terms flat, low sheen, semi-gloss, gloss and full gloss were used by manufacturers to describe the gloss level. Today, we have a number of additional descriptions which are used to describe the gloss levels that fall in between a traditional flat, low sheen, semi-gloss, gloss and full gloss. Terms such as eggshell, satin, and silk are common and usually reserved for decorative paints (house paint or interior paints), yet their use transfers to industrial coatings from time to time.

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4 Reasons You Should Think Twice Before You Skip the Primer

Posted on Feb 3, 2016 8:57:02 AM by Raymond Snyder

Priming Can Be as Important as Any Other Step in the Coating Process

Applying industrial coatings in manufacturing is one of the many steps to getting a product ready to ship. And though the coating process is just one of those many steps, the technology within the coating process may have a number of steps itself. For many products, one of the most important is priming the surface. Primers are meant to secure the durability of the topcoat when it is applied to a potentially incompatible, or less than optimal subsurface. They also bring valuable performance benefits to the final finish system.

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