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MMA (Methyl Methacrylate), Two-Component Traffic Paint

January 12, 2021

MMA Two-component traffic paint is a highly versatile, durable option for line striping high-traffic areas such as roadways, parking lots, crosswalks, bike paths and bus lanes. Two-component paint is formed by mixing a pigmented base resin with a polymer curing agent. When mixed and applied immediately, these two elements polymerize to form a strong, long-lasting compound.


Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is one of the most durable two-component marking paints available. MMA has a very long life cycle when compared to single-component traffic paint. Paints made with  MM A can last up to 10 years between applications when given proper care and maintenance. There are generally three different mixing ratios for MMA and catalyst depending on the size of the job, including 1:1, 4:1, and 98:2.

The resulting mixture can be applied to the roadway in a number of ways. For smaller jobs, a road crew can manually apply the paint using squeegees, but if the job involves large stretches of roadway, walk-behind equipment and trucks can be used instead. 

How Does it Work?

MMA is used in high-traffic areas that take a routine beating. Think of crosswalks, bike paths, bus lanes, and traffic circles. 


Line striping can be logistically difficult. The longer you have to close down a lane, walkway, or roadway, the more inconvenienced drivers and pedestrians become, and the more your road crew is exposed to hazardous working conditions. Another advantage in using MMA is that it cures quickly. A typical layer can be cured anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes after application. In a temperate climate (approximately 77°F), MMA-based paints will cure in as little as ten minutes, drastically reducing lane closure times. 

MMA two-component striping paint is the perfect match for asphalt and concrete substrates. It forms a solid bond even in cold weather and does not chip or wear easily. MMA products even stand up to the harsh effects of snow plow blades, making them well-suited to a wide range of climates.

Benefits of MMA Traffic Paint

If you’re looking for a long-lasting line striping product, MMA is about the most durable paint on the market. With its long lifecycle, an initial investment on MMA paint can save you on application, repair and maintenance costs down the line. A typical application lasts 3 to 5 and sometimes up to 10 years. MMA is stain and wear resistant even under harsh environmental conditions. 

MMA traffic paint securely bonds to various substrates. You can mix MMA with glass beads to form a highly-reflective road surface that adds safety and visibility to its already-durable design. MMA can be formulated in any color you desire, from standard safety colors to custom colors.


The issue of volatile organic compounds (VOC) has come to the forefront over the last few years. When cured, MMA is 100% free from harmful VOCs, increasing its quality and durability.  

Aexcel For Your Paint and Coating Needs

MMA two-component road paint is recommended for achieving a high quality, durable, and long-lasting road striping job. For over 50 years, Aexcel has grown as a leader in the traffic marking paint industry. Our commitment to ongoing product development and excellent customer service makes us the perfect partner for your traffic marking paint supply needs. For more information, or to get started on your MMA two-component traffic painting solution, contact us today. 


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